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I Wanted to Say . . . I Love You

More than words—I Wanted to Say . . . I Love You is the first book that gives you love!

Paperback ebook

Meet The Author

He sent her text messages bursting with red heart emojis that said, “I love you,” from morning to night. Then he left her. There’s a song that says, “romance of-ten ends badly.” After multiple painful breakups, we may start asking ourselves in earnest if the singer isn’t right. How many hearts are hurting at this moment on the planet? Is it just the nature of love to hurt, or are we mistaken about what love truly is? What is the truth of love? How can we im-prove our daily experience of this intense and mysterious feeling in a way that is fulfilling and lasting? This is the story of a self-rediscovery following a romantic breakup taking place across a series of interviews on philosophy and wisdom between a broken-hearted girl next door, Isalou Regen, and a great Tibetan spiritual master with a joyful and open heart, Sabchu Rinpoche. Based on questions that we all ask ourselves and answers both simple and surprising, this book offers a twofold challenge: to see what truly occurs between two people who say, “I love you,” and to consider a new way of loving. This is a book about learning to love as many beings as possible in order to better love a single one—and discovering that perhaps compassion is the true salvation of our broken hearts.