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Dispelling the Darkness of Suffering

A Concise Word Commentary on the Seven Points of Mind Training of the Mahayana

978-2-36017-053-1 130

Meet The Author

Dispelling the Darkness of Suffering, composed by Karma Thinley Rinpoche, is a clear and authoritative, line by line commentary upon The Seven Points of Mind Training written by Geshe Chekhawa. This classic twelfth century text on lojong (‘mind training’) is in the form of pith instructions that show the methods to transform everyday life into the path to enlightenment, by developing bodhichitta (‘enlightenment-mind’, the resolve to attain buddhahood for the benefit of others) on the basis of loving-kindness and compassion. Rinpoche brilliantly illuminates these pith instructions, enabling us to apply them to whatever situations we encounter.


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