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River of Memory

Dharma Chronicles

The memories, dreams and reflections of a modern lama born in the West who became heir to the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

Paperback ebook

Meet The Author

River of Memory: Dharma Chronicles tells the remarkable story of the scholar and meditation master Lama Jampa Thaye— one of the first fully authorized masters of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition born and brought up in the West.

Lama Jampa recounts his beginnings as a boy born in a Catholic family in the northwest of England, from his first encounters with Buddhism and glimpses of the nature of reality, to receiving private teachings from some of the greatest Tibetan masters of the twentieth century, and ultimately becoming an autho-rized master of the Sakya and Karma Kagyu Traditions, establishing Buddhist centers and groups around the world and working tirelessly to spread the life- changing teachings of the Buddha to thousands of students worldwide.

River of Memory provides an extraordinary series of snapshots of the time for Buddhism in the West, chronicling the first visits of Tibetan masters in the late twentieth century, giving a vivid picture of the condition of Buddhism in the modern world, whether North America, Europe or Asia, and reflecting on the on-going interaction of Buddhism and Western culture.