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A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters

“Shamar Rinpoche shares the life story of remarkable bodhisattva and artist the Tenth Karmapa (1604–1674), who lived during a dramatic time in Tibetan history.”

Paperback ebook

Meet The Author

The Life and Times of the Tenth Karmapa Chöying Dorje

In A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters: The Life and Times of the Tenth Karmapa Choying Dorje, the author Shamar Rinpoche introduces the re-markable bodhisattva and artist, the Tenth Karmapa (1604- 1674), through his translations of the Karmapa’s autobiographical writings and an eight-eenth- century biography. Shamar Rinpoche shares his unique knowledge and experience through extensive an-notations and a historical overview of Tibet from the thirteenth through sev-enteenth century, a time of dramatic change. This book includes the Karmapa’s prolific artistic work, with some images of objects being published for the first time, and maps and color illustrations depicting places where the Karmapa lived.


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