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The Karmapa Prophecies

Paperback ebook

Meet The Author

In 1981, the revered 16th Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhisme, passed away. His death set in motion a process to identify his reincarnated successor that originated 900 years ago with the 1st Karmapa who was the first Tibetan Buddhist master ever to reincarnate.
Since the early 1900’s, the identification of the 17th Karmapa has been mired in controversy, causing a schism in the Karma Kagyu sect. Two competing factions within the sect have recognized different candi-dates.
To help sort out the competing claims, Sylvia Wong believes that an unbiased voice can be found in the past namely, in the prophetic words of previous Karmapas.
Not only does she offer the Karmapa’s words, but using a combination of accurate translations, sound interpretation, proper historical re-search, and investigative reporting, she also marshals new evidence and analysis to show that those predictions have come true in our time.
In addition, Wong corrects recent publications’ linguistic and historical errors that contribute to the Karmapa controversy. She believes that an accurate account of Karma Kagyu history ought to be of equal importance to both 17th Karmapas and their followers. With the help of respected translators, Wong presents for the first time in English, many key Tibetan writings that reveal the relevant Karma Kagyu history.
In Part One of her ground breaking study, Wong presents the true voices of the 5th and 16th Karmapas through their writings, namely, their prophecies that forewarned of treachery not unlike the present schism in the Karma Kagyu. Wong also examines the predictions of Guru Rinpoche found in scripts from Tibet made available only in early 2008.
To reveal the true meanings of all these prophecies, an in-depth analysis by Geshe Dawa Gyaltsen, a Gelugpa scholar, ac-companies each prophecy.
Part Two refutes mistruths about Tibetan history that several recent publications have spread. If left uncorrected,, they can damage the reputation of Karma Kagyu – a risk forewarned in the prophecies.
Part Three presents the first-person account by the Shamarpa (1952-2014), about events just prior to the 16th Karmapa’s passing and until his own recognition of the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. it reveals the divisive forces that have undermined the 16th Karmapa’s administration.
Part Four, the concluding section examines the key figures and their master plan in the takeover of Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, on August 2, 1993. Today, neither of the two 17th Karmapas can set foot in Rumtek, as their predecessor fore-saw.